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Hiring a Wedding Disc Jockey

Hiring the disc jockey for your event is one of the most important parts of creating a fun and festive party or wedding atmosphere. So how do you find the right disc jockey? You need to stay within your budget, of course, but you also want a disc jockey that is fun and entertaining and plays the kind of music you and your guests would like to dance to. Below are a few questions to ask when you are looking to hire a disc jockey for your party or wedding.

Do you have a written contract?
It is always important in any business situation to get a written contract with all expectations, prices and contingencies spelled out.

Do you carry insurance?

Insurance is important for a disc jockey because of the equipment he uses and the fact that he will be transporting himself to your location.

Do you have backup equipment and staff?
Be sure your disc jockey has backups in case of equipment failure. You will also need to know what will happened should your disc jockey become ill or have an emergency that will cause him to cancel.

What kind of equipment do you use?
Make sure that your disc jockey uses professional equipment. You dont want him showing up to your event with a cheap karaoke machine and microphone!

Will you play my kind of music?
The disc jockey you may be interested in hiring might have his own musical style of tastes. Be sure that he is flexible in what he plays, or can incorporate your musical tastes into his repertoire.

Will you wear formal attire, club clothes, etc. as appropriate?
Your disc jockey will stand out like a sore thumb if he is not dressed for the occasion. Make sure he will dress appropriately for your event.

Do you entertain as well as play music?
If you would like someone to entertain your guests as well as play music, make sure your disc jockey has the personality and social ease you need.

The questions above are just a starting point on your road to hiring the best disc jockey for your money. Never be shy about asking any questions you need to in order to have the best disc jockey for your event!

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